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TOM GROUP INTER is a giant consortium of four companies each specialized in a specific field. We have:

    TOM COMPETENCES, which evolves in the export, the supply of food and agro-industrial products; the trading and sale of agricultural raw products; the import and distribution of agro-food products.  It is also specialized in the sale of generators, new vehicles and all public works machinery (Grader, loader, buldozer, compiler, peeler ...)

     TOM AGRIFOOD TRADE , specializing in the production, packaging, storage and export of cashew nuts, soybean and cottonseed. It also supplies their derivatives such as: cotton cake, soybean meal and shelled cashew.



  •  To meet the needs of our customers with a high-quality service, competitive prices and deadlines that are met.
  • Always offer our customers high quality organic products at a lower price, but which also encourage sustainable agriculture.
  • To be the crossroads of flows of tropical agricultural products and affiliated services.
  • To be the inescapable flow channel of the products of our partners producers, manufacturers and suppliers. 


Our vision is to always be the preferred business partner in the markets we serve.




Sesame seeds are native to sesame indicum L. an annual herb that grows well in a warm climate. Sesame seed is one of the oldest oilseeds known to mankind. Three essential varieties are produced in Benin. Neighboring countries in Benin, such as Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Togo, also make large-scale production to export

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Cashew nut

In Benin, the cashew nut sector is the second cash crop after cotton, and is enjoying renewed interest in recent years. Production and export figures are up significantly. Benin is the 5th largest producer in the world despite its low rate, the cashew of Benin is of undeniable quality.

TGI Consortium in partnership with the producers and various groups and associations, gives itself as mission of you



                    The cotton industry provides three main co-products: seeds, separated from cotton fibers by ginning, cakes and hulls, derived from oil production. The production of 100 kg of cotton fiber generates 165 kg of seeds.

                   The multiplicity of origins and varieties makes cottonseed a very variable product.

                   The cotton produced in Benin is organic of very good quality.

                   We trade and export good quality of cotton seed. Our strong partnership with the ginning factories of Benin and the producing countries of Africa, allows us to supply a large quantity each year (more than 20.000 Tons)

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Generating sets remain the first choice of a reliable power source for main and backup applications.

As a privileged partner and representative of some major brands, we offer a wide range and many sizes of generators of three types:

- Open type industrial generator

- Acoustic type industrial generator

- Containerized industrial generator

We also offer a range of LIGHTING TOWER.

The lamps of the lighting towers that we propose, are designed to work in a rule area with a high resistance capacity of the mast and can illuminate the remote area required for construction work. The lighting tower is available in an easy towable design.

Our products range from 5 KVA to 3000 KVA. We supply generators that have been designed to meet your requirements and use engines such as CUMMINS, PERKINS, KUBOTA & DEUTZ and alternators such as STAMFORD, LEROY SOMER & MECCALTE.



is the first and largest member of the TGI Consortium. Its headquarters are in Cotonou, Republic of Benin.

Tom Compétences has never forgotten the core values: integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. These values ​​determine how we work, the quality and the price of the products we offer



is a leading producer, supplier and exporter of agricultural raw materials, especially cashew and soya.

The head office of TAT in Benin is in the heart of the city of Abomey-Calavi.

TAT is an agricultural-commercial enterprise that aims to have cashew plantations whose annual harvest



has joined the TGI Consortium Group for its complementarity.

TBC is a company specializing in the study, construction of buildings and public works. It is also involved in the rental and sale of civil engineering equipment, as well as the supply of construction equipment.


In order to expand its activities TGI consortium had the ambition to participate in the global development challenge in the field of renewable energies.

This is how TJC Energy was created to look after the renewable energy department.

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